Sustainability at Osotspa

Sustainability Target 2025

Sustainability Roadmap

Sustainability Governance Structure

At Osotspa, the sustainability department collaborates closely with every business function, including the Board of Directors, the Nomination, Remuneration, Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee (NRCSD) and the Executive Committee. The department is in charge of driving sustainable development and ensuring that all units have efficiently implemented sustainability operations and are progressing in accordance with the organization’s sustainability roadmap.

Value Chain

Osotspa conducts its business across a wide range of contexts. We thoroughly consider what we have learned from past experiences and apply such knowledge to manage impacts on a daily basis and create shared opportunities in the value chain. Our success drivers, for both the short and long term, include inputs such as raw materials and ingredients, strategic cooperation from upstream to downstream, and our talented employees, who exude passion and commitment.

Stakeholder Engagement

Osotspas stakeholders are divided into five groups. Approaches to stakeholder management are determined based on different expectations through engagement channels that are appropriate and useful to each group.
Business Partners
Shareholders and Lenders
Stakeholders Expectations Approaches Channels of

  • Product quality & safety
  • Product value for money
  • Good health & well-being
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Provide quality products and services while continuing to improve standards
  • Disclose complete and accurate information on products and services as per legal requirements and avoid false claims
  • Company websit
  • One Report (available on website)
  • Annual market survey
  • Complaint channels, including website and Call Center; Tel. +66 (0) 2351 1111

Business Partners:
- Retailers
- Suppliers
  • Fair trade
  • Consistent partnership
  • Business growth
  • Respect of intellectual property and copyrights
  • Trustworthy treatment of confidential information
  • Do not disclose confidential customer information without consent or legal grounds
  • Any business relationship with business partners must not harm the Company’s reputation and must be lawful
  • Consider equality and mutual benefits when dealing with business partners
  • Fair selection of business partner
  • Company website
  • One Report (available on website)
  • Meetings, conferences, inspections, and factory visits
  • Annual audits
  • Telephone, e-mail
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Complaint channels, including website and Call Center; Tel. +66 (0) 2351 1111

Shareholders and Lenders
  • Business performance improvement
  • Good corporate governance
  • Data transparency
  • Equal rights treatment
  • On-schedule debt repayment
  • Strict compliance with contract conditions
  • Commit to corporate governance
  • Protect the interests of the Company and shareholders
  • Treat shareholders equally and fairly
  • Strive to maximize shareholder satisfaction through growth in Company value
  • Disclose information transparently and reliably
  • Commit to the contract and follow the lender’s conditions on paying back load principal, interest, and any collateral
  • Company Investor Relations website
  • One Report (available on website)
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Quarterly financial reports
  • Telephone, e-mail

  • Fair compensation
  • Good labor practices
  • Life and property security
  • Knowledge development
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Work-life balance
  • Human Righ
  • Facilitate employee skills development
  • Foster a happy, healthy and safe working environment
  • Promote teamwork
  • Treat employees equally in a polite manner without discrimination
  • Respect individual rights
  • Pay for performance
  • Company website
  • One Report (available on website)
  • Employee Annual Performance Evaluation (Twice a year)
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Quarterly Town Halls
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Welfare Committee meetings
  • OSP Life (Mobile Application)
  • 360 degree Leadership Assessment

  • Responsible business operations
  • Life and property security
  • Community development to support self-sustainability, including for the underprivileged and disabled
  • Community economic improvement
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Organize projects and activities for community and society development on a regular basis
  • Support activities that benefit society at large and refrain from any violation of laws
  • Support activities in the local communities in which the Company operates with an emphasis on environmental impact
  • Provide products and services which are environmentally-friendly and comply with environmental laws
  • Support activities that contribute to energy and environmental conservation and support the production and use of environmentally-friendly products
  • Company website
  • One Report (available on website)
  • Meetings, conferences, inspections, and factory visits
  • Telephone, e-mail
  • Complaint channels

Materiality Assessment

In addition to setting development goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), both of which empower organizations to use their full potential, Osotspa believes that identifying and prioritizing the major issues which affect the organization and its stakeholders is critical to shaping our business across economic, social, environmental, and governance aspects. The materiality assessment consists of material issue identification, ranked low, medium, and high by importance, and their respective boundaries. The board-level Sustainability Committee and Board of Directors examine any crucial issues before the Board of Directors issues an endorsement. The materiality assessment also impacts how we report our business and sustainability efforts.