Osotspa conducts its business with a sense of responsibility for the Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG). We have started using renewable energy in our factories by installing rooftop solar power generation systems and using biomass fuel.

We have developed lightweight glass and plastic packaging to reduce the use of energy raw materials, thereby lowering the environmental impact of production and transportation. We have successfully designed plastic packaging that is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, we advocate for green energy in the community, which is a powerful force in environmental protection. Employees are the driving force behind our companys success. Osotspa values fostering a positive workplace culture and atmosphere. With confidence in the potential of employees, the Company has transformed its work into a flexible and agile hybrid model, aligning the work style with the functions and responsibilities of the employees. Not only will employees be happier, but their productivity will also increase.

Osotspa will continue to build on its strengths in brand diversity through marketing that focuses on expanding and retaining existing customers as well as creating new innovations. Responding to the needs of consumers, especially those who place importance on health care. Furthermore, in order to drive long-term growth, we intend to strengthen our distribution channels and pursue inorganic growth while focusing on Environmental, Social, and Governance management.

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr

Chief Executive Office