Sustainability at Osotspa

In the course of its business, Osotspa adheres to sustainability principles as a guide for navigating risks and profit opportunities, helping the Company perform, even in volatile business environments, across economic, social, and environmental aspects. Underpinning our commitment to long-term profitable growth and promotion of consumer well-being through high-quality products, sustainability at Osotspa is not just an important part of our operations, it underpins the development of our entire business.

Our corporate sustainability strategy emphasizes establishing a solid foundation that prepares the organization for new challenges and opportunities in the future. Emphasis is on developing a resilient business that thrives even in volatile business environments.

In 2023, Osotspa integrated the economic, social, and environmental (ESG) strategy into its business to enhance the Company’s sustainability efforts and to create a better future for all stakeholders.

Sustainability Framework and Strategies

Our Environment
We focus our resources on minimizing impact on the environment by implementing circular economy principles.
We reduce negative impact on the environment
by increasing operational eco-efficiency
At the Consumer Level
by reducing the environmental impact of our product and packaging
Our Society
We operate our business with the utmost ethics & integrity, offering healthy products for all with the aim of making a positive impact on society.
We deliver positive social impact
On Consumers
through inspiring, healthier products
On Employees
through good labor practices, shared vision of equal opportunities, diversity, and sustainability
On Communities
through corporate citizenship and philanthropy programs
Our Economic
We are a powerhouse in value creation in our interconnected economic chain, aiming for sustainable, mutual business growth.
We ensure mutual business growth by
Serving our customers top-quality product
Growing alongside our supplier
Gearing for the future via innovation