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2025 Target
*Baseline year 2018
Reduction of Water withdrawalintensity*

Management Approach

With water demand growing but supply declining, it’s more critical than ever for beverage producers to manage water usage and improve water efficiencies. Water is not only one of the most important ingredients in beverage production, but it is also a vital resource for the well-being of local communities. This in mind, Osotspa emphasizes the importance of water efficiency, both within our operational sites and the surrounding areas, and conducts an annual assessment of business risks related to the global water situation.

The Company utilizes a highly efficient wastewater treatment system to manage its wastewater. Before being released into public water systems, wastewater undergoes treatment to meet regulatory water quality standards. Primary treatment occurs at factories situated in industrial estates and parks before being transported to the common area.

Water Consumption

Performance Highlights

Water and Waste Water Management

Recovery Tank for Excess Cool-Down Water
Collecting excess water to be sent back to a raw water tank for treatment
Water Recycle - Phase II
Treating discharged water and reusing the treated water in Osotspa's facilities
Return of Condensate to Boiler
Trapping condensate water from the Washer & Pasteurizer process to be returned for use in boiler
Water Reuse & Recycle (m3)

Water Reuse & Recycle

We strictly monitor wastewater quantity & quality in compliance with local requirements and regularly report the results to the responsible functions for appropriate management. By applying the 3Rs principle, the Company continues to pursue improvements in wastewater management through process efficiency and technology advancement in order to increase water recycle/reuse rates.

Water Reuse & Recycle
201,547 m3

Water Risk Assessment

As a leading beverage company in Thailand, Osotspa recognizes that effective water management is key to mitigating operational risk. The Company hence conducts water risk analysis using WRI's AQUEDUCT water risk tool to evaluate changes in water availability, assess water-related risk, and identify water stress locations.

In 2023, Osotspa improved the water resources risk assessment by conducting an exploration survey of the physical characteristics and social contexts of the main production areas in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. We also broadened the scope of the risk assessment to include social dimensions, sufficiency tendency, surface and ground water resource quality, and water consumption needs. This data will be used to plan operations and determine appropriate risk management measures.

% of factories in water stressed locations based on number of factories 91.67%
% of factories in water stressed locations based on COGS 91.67%
% of factories in water stressed locations based on Revenue 91.67%
Water Stress Location Number of factories % of factories in water stressed location
Extremely high 11 91.67%
High 0 0.00%
Medium to high 1 8.33%
Low to medium 0 0.00%
Low to medium 0 0.00%
Total 12 100.00%
No. Site Latitude Longitude Major basin name Manor basin name Location Baseline Water Stress Aqueduct (Latest)
1 Osotspa Public Company Limited 13.76066 100.630521 of Thailand Coast Sa Keo Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
2 Osotspa Plublic Company Limited 14.32296 100.602808 Chap Phraya Noi Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
3 Osotspa Plublic Company Limited 13,80443 100.766163 Gulf of Thailand Coast Sa Keo Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
4 Siam Glass Ayutthaya Company limited 14.32943 100,653881 Chap Phraya Noi Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
5 Siam Cullet Company Limited 14.31716 100.838118 Gulf of Thailand Coast Sa Keo Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
6 Greensville Company Limited 13.75915 100.784758 Gulf of Thailand Coast Sa Keo Thailand Extremely High (>80%)
7 Advanz Beverage Manufacturing 16.67474 96.2672154 Sittang Myanmar Coas Myanmar Medium to High (20-40%)