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2025 Target
In 2023, Osotspa implemented social projects and activities to improve quality of life for
people through collaboration with 32 external organizations.
Philanthropic contributions and social investment
Million Baht


Benefiting Communities through Good Corporate Citizenship and Socially Responsible Projects

“Teck Heng Yoo”, translated to “Prosperity from Charity”, has been in the DNA of Osotspa since the Company was established. We believe that by investing in local communities we can encourage positive changes in the world around us, in turn promoting a more appealing environment for the business to operate and grow. As a leading health product manufacturer in Thailand, Osotspa is determined to play an important role in the economic and social development of surrounding communities by creating equal and sustainable opportunities for all. Our philanthropic programs aim to improve people’s lives by promoting local talent and ensuring access to health care.

Management Approach

Osotspa believes that investing in local communities contributes to positive change in surrounding societies by allowing businesses to operate and grow more effectively. As a result, it has taken steps to support and improve the quality of life for people in society through charitable donations, strategic community participation, and commercial activities

Vocational Support for the Disabled
Educational Support
Community Relations & Environment

Performance Highlights

Support for Sports and Athletes

Support for Sports and Athletes Over
12 Million Baht
Thailand Boxing Association
Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association
Thai Cycling Association
Thai Takraw Association
The Table Tennis Association of Thailand
Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand
Thailand Volleyball Association

Vocational Support for the Disabled

Life Must Go On Project - Vocational Support and Online Selling Platform for the Disabled

Osotspa provides opportunities for people who were the breadwinners for their families before they became disabled as a result of a serious accident or illness. Through the “Life Must Go On” project, the Company assists such individuals in regaining the ability to move forward with self-reliance. We have created income-generating activities and vocational training while supporting a market access platform for three project categories, focusing on sustainable vocations through the concept of "teaching a man to fish". This year, the Osotspa Foundation expanded its projects to provide career opportunities to people.

With disabilities in Bangkok, Khon Kaen, and Saraburi, surpassing the legal requirement by
150 individuals

Throughout the project, Osotspa has gained knowledge and experience that have allowed it to expand its collaborative network with various organizations in the public and private sectors, including the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Department of Employment, local government agencies, and the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. We continue to develop new models that assist people with disabilities. This includes creating a community in which members can support one another by exchanging knowledge about product distribution channels and advice on marketing, sales promotion, and brand building for the disabled. Among the brands created for this project are 'Kindee' for agricultural products, 'Handy' for basketry products, and 'Yoodee' for woodworking furniture. The online platform page 'Kindee Yoodee Handy' was created to expand into the online market and become more well-known. Importantly, it encourages disabled participants in the project to shift from being receivers to givers by sharing their experiences with others. A learning center has been established and is run by the disabled for the disabled to pass on knowledge and skills to new members and those who are interested.

In 2023, the project helped disabled people grow their income, benefiting both their families and caregivers.

The Project has Impacted Over
580 People
Generated Sales of Over
1,300,000 Baht

Expansion via Online Sales Channels

Facebook Page: กินดี อยู่ดี แฮนดี้
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Osotspa's forum to support disabled people to advance their careers.
Channels and networks for selling products for people with disabilities in the Section 35.
An online marketplace for products made by people with disabilities.

Philanthropic Contributions and Social Investments:

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Educational Support (Financial and Supply Support)
Expenses for Public Charity
Support for Sports
Donations to Hospitals
Corporate Social Responsibility Activities